Friday, November 27, 2009

Holly and Evergreens are now available!

Finally with a break in the rain, the Holly and Evergreen boughs have been picked and are waiting for you to take them home. These are great for decorating a variety of ways from planters to doorways. I hope to get the store door done tomorrow. Also more new items in the Gift store. A wonderful sewer, Margaret, makes unique high quality kitchen accessories, from tea cosies to place mats and hand towels. Come have a look. You may be able to cross a few people off your list.
Hope to see you soon!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas has arrived at our store!!

As always we have a wonderful assortment of handcrafted Christmas cards. These are created by Myself and a stamping friend, Cheryl.

We also have new one of a kind pieces. Here is a beautiful glass vase. Can you just see the fresh flower in this next year.
Christmas plates and bowls.

Here is a new artist. Poplar House Creations specializes in unique bark wood carvings. This is a close up of one of his pieces.

This is his collection.

I will soon be picking greenery for decoration. If you are wanting holly, green and variegated, or evergreen boughs, please give me a call.