Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The start of Sunflowers!

With this continuing cooler weather the flowers are a bit slow. We are just starting with sunflower season. Here is Chocolate, Moulin Rouge and Joker. Joker is the Varigated yellow one. There are five more varieties still to come. Next should be a double yellow.

The calla lilies are slowly coming along as well. There is an assortment of color available. This purple throated calla is Picasso and looks stunning with green and white.

Or in a mixed color scheme of Yellow, purple and white.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

A little bit of this and that.

There is an assortment of flowers just starting to bloom. We are just starting to pick some dark red sunflowers, goldenrod, hydrangeas and calla lilies. This is a hydrangea named "Anne belle". She makes a lovely display all by herself in a vase or nestled in with other flowers.
Here is a custom order bouquet done in Red, Yellow and oranges. I love the mix of grasses and foliage in this one. Unfortunately there is a very limited selection of Lilies left. Just the stamen free Pink and Sunburst orange.

Please don't get too excited about the Dahlias. This is some of the first blooms out of the greenhouse and there will not be a good supply for about another week or so.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Lilies.

This is a new one this year and it is a beauty. The pink with a white throat is very striking.

Here is The lovely Landini in a Garden Bouquet. A classic color combo of Burgandy and White.
And finally a vase with Landini and a new climbing rose that has sprays of flowers in a sunset orange color.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Farewell Peonies Hello Lilies!!

Firstly, wishing farewell to another Peony season. There are just a few bouquets left so if you did not get one, please do not delay. The Peonies were even on a Photoshot. What a lovely picture to remember them. The very talented Photographer is Leanne Campbell .
The next Feature Flower in the Garden are Asiatic and Hybrid Lilies. Sometimes Lilies get a bad rap, mostly regarding scent. All the Asiatic and Hybrids are UNSCENTED. Colors currently available are the Sunset Orange "First Crown", Dark Burgandy "Black out and Yellow Stamen Free "Fata Morgana. Lily flowers last best if the stamens are removed just when the flower opens.

Other flowers coming on line this week: Daisies, double and single varieties, Liatris, purple and white, and spirea.