Thursday, April 11, 2013

I needed a flower fix.

Flower Season on the Farm does not start until sometime in May but I needed a flower fix. I must say the spring color in the garden is a bit lacking,  but I was able to find a few things in bloom.  I was inspired by this blog.  

Narcissus can be a little challenging to design with because they do not play nice with other flowers.  Narcissus when cut ooze a sap that is toxic to other flowers.  Here's the trick.  Cut them all different lengths and let sit 4-6 hours in a water by themselves to callus over the end.  DO NOT RE-CUT.  Just place into design and enjoy.  

Friday, April 5, 2013

Artisan Gift shop Open.

The Artisan Gift shop is Open. Our Gift shop features local artisan and crafters with items such as handcrafted candles and soap, birdhouses, wind chimes, knitted and woven  items and  sewn items for the home.   We also have a abundant supply of Farm honey.

The Flower Shop is still dormant but I hope to have some flower for Mid May.  I have been busy planting lots of new flowers for the season and things are growing well.

Here are some to the baby plants just waiting to be put in the ground.  Snap dragons and Zinnias.