Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Flower Update.

Yes, we still have flowers.  The season is winding down but  we will be open until Oct 11 if the weather holds and we do not get a frost.  At this time of year pre-orders are greatly appreciated.   I will do my best to keep the cooler full with Garden bouquets and bunches, but avoid disappointment and call ahead.

Here is the last bridal bouquet of the Season.  Such a pretty one with Cafe Au lait dahlias, garden flowers and locally grown hot house roses from Apko Greenhouses.
 A custom order vase for Mom and new Baby girl.  I love this color combo.
Hopefully you are able to come get flowers before we close for the season.  

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What's your favourite Dahlia?

The beauty in the dahlia field is just amazing.  It is my job this month to decide who gets planted next year and who doesn't make the cut.  This year there has been an enormous amount of insect damage and some varieties are more susceptible than others.  These are the first to go.  Then what new colors do I love and what ones are just so so.  There are a few so so ones, but  also some new stunners.

So what's your favourite colors.  The bright orange, red and yellow ?  The more calming pink and purples?  or maybe the smoky fuchsia and pinky corals?

Don't forget Dahlia season goes right to Thanksgiving.  These beauties are available in Garden bouquets, by the bunch or by the bucket.  Bucket orders are available only by pre-order.

This big purple beauty is Thomas Edison.  This variety is a little late to start blooming but such a lovely color.  This picture does not do it justice.  It is the only dark purple dahlia I have found.